Jasmine Barui

intelligent  |   Sassy  |  Determined

Jasmine Barui, a vivacious and fresh-faced young woman who is passionate about acting and ready to break into the industry to gain as much experience as possible. 


Jasmine has completed numerous acting workshops with the likes of Kristina Sexton, Bud Hopes and Cinzia Coassin as well as attending classes at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba, which she won through an acting bursary. Through each of these courses, she has developed skills such as audition technique and script dissection, while also further improving her acting skills, increasing her confidence and fine-tuning a well-honed wit that leaves others humoured and amazed at her intelligence.

Jasmine has also won many acting and modelling awards for her talent in showcases such as IMTA and the AUSCAAS. 

She is perfectly suited to roles such as the young female heroine but her diverse range makes her perfect for roles such as (but not limited to!) the nerd, the funny best friend, the sassy firecracker, and the oddball. She carries an air of sophistication and maturity while radiating a genuine passion for acting that shines both on-screen and the stage. She is also a talented and evocative writer, exploring both scriptwriting and novels. If that's not enough, Jazzy also sings and has started to dip her feet into directing and producing her own films. 


Besides acting Jasmine’s passions lie in academia and languages; she currently studies French and Chinese and Law after receiving a perfect score on her year 12 examinations. However, she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and participates in sports such as tennis, shooting and basketball while also being a black-diamond level skier.





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